Busting the 'Soon' Myth to Harness Now's Dream Power

Now’s Power: Busting the “Soon” Myth in Chasing Dreams!

Transition your goals from the distant to the doable. Challenge the comfort of "Starting Soon". Dreams dance with the doers, not the delayers.

While “Soon” is the mirage in a desert, “Now” is the oasis.

Cast your mind to that dream where you often thought, “I’ll pursue it… soon.”

Reality bite: “Soon” often becomes the sand slipping through fingers. Contrastingly, “now” is concrete, immediate, and bursting with potential. Dreams bond with the present, not the indefinite.

Flip the script! Migrate from “I’ll start soon” to “I’m on it right now!”. Fuel your aspirations.

When you harness the energy of the present, dreams transition from the horizon to your doorstep. Buddy to buddy: The spotlight’s on the here and now.

Wondering when to hit the road? Every breath is a green signal. Go for it!

Joy de Guzman
Joy de Guzman

Joy de Guzman is a freelancer and blogger who writes about productivity and self-improvement. Joy is the founder and editor of Plus63Media, a one-person media business that focuses on productivity, consistency, and result.

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